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Remote Video Interview

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Invite & Interview candidates with one click!

Save time and hire smarter.

Set up screening assessments with text and video options for candidates to identify better hires faster without the hassle of in-person interviews or phone screening.

Create and send shareable interview recordings to get feedback from hiring managers as hiring teams are working remotely.

Live interviews connect the candidate and the employer with the next best option to an in-person interview.

Have meaningful face-to-face conversations with potential hires. Improve candidate selection with our screening tools.

Accept video applications from potential candidates to get a better feel for potential hires that goes beyond a resume or photo.

Collaborate with your team by sharing, reviewing and rating interviews

Review a candidate's video interview anytime, anywhere and make smarter decisions about who you want to meet in person or bring on immediately.

Start Interviewing Today!

Live Interview

Interview candidates face-to-face through your webcam and record the interview to share with others.

Recorded Interview

Review your candidate's pre-recorded video interview responses at your convenience and share with others.


Hiring often requires more than just one decision maker. Share, comment on, and rate candidates with everyone on your team.


Access real time analytics to better understand your video interview ROI.

Cloud Based

Our cloud based platform makes it easy to access your candidate videos anywhere and anytime.


Our system works seamlessly on all of your devices so it works anywhere you are.


Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars per month for a recruiting platform.


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