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Save time and hire smarter.

Save time and money by minimizing time spent sourcing. We build a sourcing list for you through our extensive database.

What does your brand say about you? One of the first things a candidate does is research your company. Build your story by leveraging our platform. Share videos and pictures to attract talent.

Promote your career opportunities through our job export and imports

We offer targeted communication through our job newsletter. Market your opportunities in our classified ads which are sent directly to job seekers' inbox

Do you need a targeted outreach without excessive expenses? We offer an Eblast service to reach a large audience to promote your jobs. .

Take advantage of our employer reporting dashboards to review your job performance over time

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Sourcing and Engagement

Get a customized sourcing list built for your specific hospital needs. Conduct outreach to attract talent or let's us do drip campaigns for you


We offer event promotion, Eblast, classified ads, and social media promotion to reach a wider audience to attract talent.

Employer Branding

Create a brand and an image that resonates with job seekers. Leverage video and pictures to tell your unique stories to attract talent


Access analytics to better understand your job post ROI. Our platform offers real time reporting to help you assess performance overtime


Our cloud-based platform makes it easy to market and promote your jobs to candidates anywhere and anytime.


Our system works seamlessly on all of your devices so it works anywhere you are.


Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars per month for a recruiting platform.


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