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The Challenge
Recruiting talent in the veterinary industry has become very challenging.  Simply posting a job on a website is not enough. 
Direct engagement, outreach, and employer branding are needed to attract talent.  Many larger organizations
have talent acquisitions departments with recruiters and sources to pursue talent thus making it highly competitive to attract veterinary staff.  

The Solution
We complement your recruiting efforts by building a prospect list that you can leverage to engage. We conduct outreach to our network sharing your
career opportunities. We do the heavy lifting to find the needle in the haystack and then drive candidates
to your career opportunities. Our services are cost-effective and complementary
to your recruitment strategy. Need more?  We provide coaching and training to source talent. 

The Challenge
In today's environment, it is highly competitive to promote career opportunities to attract talent with the increase of practices and agencies competing
for veterinary staff.  The question is, how do you stand out from the competition to intrigue job seekers? 
Simply posting a job alone will not draw in job seekers.  Building an advanced advertising strategy that includes
a multi-prong approach will deliver results. 

The Solution

 We will build an advertising strategy that includes telling your story, writing a compelling job ad, showcasing your culture, and providing the
why your company is a great place to work.   We will then provide a diverse range of sites you can leverage to market your jobs including promoting
on social media channels. We will assist you in leveraging videos to draw in job seekers and then integrate outreach
to catch the attention of prospects.  We love what we do and have worked in the industry for a combined 15 years!
Let us help you attract talent with our robust advertising marketing solutions. 


The Challenge 

Many organizations fear the post and pray method. They post a job online and get no results. This can be frustrating and costly.  Often they posted and
they have not gotten a single applicant.  They hit the proverbial wall and may give up their search to build their team. 

The Solution

A true talent acquisition strategist understands that building a workforce is more than putting posting a bland job description on a website. Our team of experts
will review your current job ad and assess where it can be optimized for candidate attraction. We will ensure that you convey your story to stand out. 
We will showcase your uniqueness and then we will feature your job on our site to give you maximum exposure. 
If interested we will magnify your opportunities by sharing on job aggregate sites. 

The Challenge
What is your brand and what is your story?  You may be an amazing organization but if job seekers don't know
your uniqueness, they will not necessarily be drawn to your opportunities.   

The Solution
Your employer brand matters.
It's an important component in attracting talent. Our team will help you build your story and create
marketing material to convey who you are to job seekers. We will assist you in building your employer profile to attract the right veterinary team.

We offer a variety of talent acquisition solutions. 
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