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Career and Attitude Pt. 2

Letting Go Of What's Behind You
Now that you have done the work to identify triggers that have affected your attitude, it's time to do some work on addressing the issue.  Starting with uncovering and letting go of past hurt and anger is imperative to moving forward.  Have you lost a job or are you currently in a position where you are miserable? Perhaps you've had a manager who did not treat you with dignity and respect, leaving you feeling pessimistic about your future career.  Uncovering what affected you in the past or present is paramount to healing and moving forward.  This is the work that requires you to go through your grieving process in order to heal and free yourself from what has held you back.  What you feel and how you address your feelings are very real. Below are some statements from the Crossroad Careers Workbook.   

Statement                                                                                    Feelings
This can't be. I don't believe it!                                                     Denial<->Shock  

What do I do? How do I handle this?                                           Distraction <->Panic  

They can't do that to me! I will get them!                                    Irritation <-> Anger  

I'm tired and don't feel like doing anything                                Feeling Down <-> Depression  

I don't feel well, headache, stomachache!                                   Stress <-> Physical Illness

How Anger Affects You
Anger has an impact on your emotional and physical health. For example, it increases feelings of anxiety and depression.  Anger can also raise high blood pressure and weaken your immune system.   

Anger Is One Letter Short of Danger
When you see red, danger lies ahead.  Use these three steps to learn from and let go of the past. 

Take action
Describe the offenses and how you feel
Forgive everyone and you blame and yourself

This is a multi-part article that does a deeper dive into exploring job seeker attitude.  The content from this article is from Crossroad Careers Workbook.  We offer workshops throughout the year to help job seekers to prepare and become job-ready. 
Career and Attitude Pt. 2
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