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Build your personal brand

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About this event 

This event is a foundational resume session to help you Discover Your Best! There is no one like you anywhere. Never has been. Never will be. You are uniquely designed. No other person on the planet has your DNA and personal history. In building an effective resume and profile you must identify your unique qualities. 

Join our Career Coach in this two-part series on building your personal brand. In this session, the key objectives are:

  • Learn how to communicate your personal brand
  • Identify what sets you apart from others
  • Showcase your skills and talent
  • Learn how to identify your unique attributes by completing A VIP worksheet

Who should attend:

This session is intended for any job seekers and those who have an interest in entering or expanding their career in veterinary medicine.


Exalt Hire, LLC., Veterinarian Careers (DBA) in partnership with The Chance Center is excited to host job readiness sessions. Join us monthly for interactive and engaging workshops to help you achieve your career goals. Email info@exalthire.consulting for more information. Special guest and career coach Heidi Burkley will host this event.  Heidi is a lead for the Chance Center/ Job Coaches Connection and Regional Manager for a large veterinary practice. 


Build your personal brand
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